Will window film provide day-time/night-time privacy?

Will window film provide day-time/night-time privacy?

(Source: convo with Veronica) 

There are two families of film: summer heat-rejecting and year-round insulating

Year-round film is too light for daytime privacy

Summer (i.e. heat-rejecting) films come in a whole range of colour palates that provide daytime privacy - but none provide night time privacy.

For full day-time privacy, there is a sub-group of heat-rejecting films that are installed on the outside of the glass. These externally reflective films are the higher performing heat rejecting films. They work at rejecting heat only when the sun is shining on them. Again, these offer daytime privacy - not night time privacy. 

For day AND night privacy the best option is an opaque frost film (like in bathrooms).

It is either /or when it comes to film applications - EITHER  heat rejecting(which can also act as daytime privacy) OR - year round insulating (no privacy) films. i.e. You cannot install one film on the interior, for insulation, and a mirrored film on the exterior, for privacy. 

 Important: Choice of tint also depends on assessment of the glass

The darker the film, the more heat it absorbs

This is fine for heat-strengthened, tempered glass

However, when a glass is double glazed or old, need to go for the external mirroring film described above (which a lot of architects don’t like)

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