Why is it hard adding additional panels to string inverter?

Why is it hard adding additional panels to string inverter?

Adding onto your solar system at a later date can be more difficult and costly with string inverters, as panel sets need to be matched well to each string inverter.
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    • Should I get a string or panel optimised inverter?

      It depends on your location, shade, and available roof space. Although string inverters are about $2,000 cheaper than microinverters and DC optimisers, they often aren’t as efficient as below: Shading Decreases Entire System’s Efficiency No ...
    • Do more people get a string inverter or micro inverter?

      - Most solar PV systems in Australia have a single, centralised inverter called a string inverter.
    • How big is the string inverter, how much space is required for it and where is it placed?

      • A typical string or central inverter might take up about 300cm2 of space. • A string inverter system has only one inverter, usually located next to your switchboard. This inverter connects to all of the panels in your array via one or two strings ...
    • Can I oversize my inverter?

      -       As a general rule, it is advisable to try to make your solar panel array capacity roughly the same capacity as the inverter. -       If you find it necessary for whatever reason to add more panels to your existing system 1.    make sure you ...
    • Why does shading affect all the panels in a string system?

      • As the panels are all connected to the same inverter, any issue that causes one panel to produce less electricity (such as shading) will reduce electricity for all other panels on that string. • every panel in a string is only able to operate at ...