Why does the energy compare website display energy estimates as annual values?

Why does the energy compare website display energy estimates as annual values?

It's helpful to display energy estimates as annual values because energy usage varies from season to season.

For example, you may have higher energy costs in the summer than in the winter or vice versa.

The value of the snapshot.

Another way to look at the changed in usage is to check the  snapshot provided on your energy bill. Each electricity and gas bill you receive will show how much energy you’ve used in the last billing period, as well as your average use. Plus, if you’ve been with the same retailer for more than 12 months, it’ll compare your recent usage with that for the same billing period the year before.

While energy usage often changes with the seasons (especially when it comes to heating or cooling your home), spotting increases and decreases in your consumption can help you work out if specific changes – from adding a new air conditioning or heating system, to your family having a child – have led to higher gas and electricity bills.

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