Where should the HWHP be installed?

Where should the HWHP be installed?

Split Heat Pump System - Separate tank can be installed in almost any location, including confined spaces, heat pump unit located externally as close as possible to tank. Best not to locate near bedrooms or too close to neighbours.

Integrated System - Entire system needs to have space for sufficient ambient airflow, external only. Best not to locate near bedrooms or too close to neighbours.

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    • My HWHP or tank is leaking, what should I do?

      The HWHP has a drain pipe that occasionally releases water. But for all other apparent leaks, call your service provider as it is likely the system needs repairing or replacing.
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      Heat pump hot water systems range in price from about $2500 to $5000 fully installed. Additional costs may be incurred if alterations to valves or pipes are needed. The above prices include the federal incentive that is provided through the small ...
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