Where can batteries be installed?

Where can batteries be installed?

Batteries aren't allowed: 
- in habitable rooms
- in ceiling spaces or wall cavities
- under stairways or access walkways 
- in an evacuation route or escape route 
- near combustible materials 

- Battery location standards mandate at least 600 mm (to either side) and 900 mm (above) space between your battery and any windows, doors and appliances, including your hot water unit and air conditioner.
- Wall-mounted batteries must be placed on a non-combustible wall that also extends at least 600mm to the side and 900 mm above your battery. If the wall isn’t already cement, brick, or concrete, your installer will probably take care of this by adding a thick cement sheet.
- New storage battery location standards forbid placing batteries in “Habitable rooms”, unless the wall has a non-combustible barrier

The rules are managed by the Australian Standard 5133. For a summary of the rules: https://renew.org.au/research/aussie-rules-on-batteries-tightened/ 
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