Where are your suppliers panels and inverters made?

Where are your suppliers panels and inverters made?

Our recommended solar panel brands are mainly manufactured in China:
- JinkoSolar - China
- JA Solar - China
- Trina Solar - China
- Hanwha Q-CELLS - South Korea
- TrinaSolar - China
- LGSolar - South Korea
- Solahart - Germany
- REC - Singapore
- Sunpower- China

As are our recommended inverter brands:
- ABB - China
- Enphase - China
- Fronius – Austria
- Goodwe - China
- SMA - Germany
- Solaredge - China
- Solis - China
- Sungrow - China

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      Solar cells are made from silicon, with tiny amounts of phosphorus and boron. A solar panel, also called a solar module is made up of either 72 or 60 of these solar cells.
    • The supplier’s products are made in China, should I be concerned?

      - The majority of solar panels are made in China, including those brands we recommend, therefore this on its own shouldn’t be a concern. For the best suppliers please check our recommended brands.
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      The most visible part of a solar system, solar panels are made from silicon. Since silicone produces electricity when UV light touches it, your solar panels convert sunlight into DC (direct current) electricity. Refer “How do solar panels work?” ...