What warranties should I look for?

What warranties should I look for?

10+ Year Warranty (3,650 Cycles)

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    • What warranties should I look out for?

      Look for a warranty with a sufficient warranty period, Daikin's warranty is 5-Years for example. This should be clear and covers all damage, faults or malfunctions provided the air conditioner has been installed and maintained in accordance with the ...
    • What warranties should I look for when purchasing a HWHP?

      Warranties vary by manufacturer. Read the conditions carefully, especially those concerning labour. Some warranties require professional installation, regular servicing, and adequate water quality. Recommended warranty lengths: • Heat Pump System: 6+ ...
    • What wattage should I look for?

      LEDS need much less electricity to produce the same of light. So to choose the right brightness, look for lumens, instead of watts.
    • I don’t like the look of pelmets, are there any other options?

      If you don’t like the look of pelmets, you can purchase ‘invisible pelmets’, where the pelmet is placed on top of the curtain rod and is not visible from the front. https://ecomasterstore.com.au/products/invisible-pelmets?_pos=1&_sid=ad4ce6062&_ss=r
    • What warranties should my system come with?

      -       Solar Panels - 10+ year product warranty - Covers you from panel defects, premature wear and tear, and manufacturing issues. Some premium brands come with up to 25 years of product warranty. -       Solar Panels - 25+ year power output ...