What tariff am I better off with for a battery?

What tariff am I better off with for a battery?

The feed-in tariffs offered differ from state to state, and from retailer to retailer. In some states, the government regulates a minimum rate, while in other states it is up to you to negotiate a deal with your electricity retailer. 
It is worth shopping around to find out which electricity retailers offer better rates for solar customers. 
A Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer will be able to calculate your potential savings as part of their load analysis. 
Many factors – including the size of your system, how much electricity you export and the feed-in tariff amount – will impact on how much money you save. 
Your system designer should consider all the relevant factors when providing you with an estimate. The actual savings you make may also vary depending on the electricity retailer you are with. 
If you have a choice of feed-in tariff, choose the one that minimises your total energy cost. A Clean Energy Council Accredited Designer will be able to help you calculate what is best for you

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