What questions do I need to ask a supplier of window films or curtains/blinds?

What questions do I need to ask a supplier of window films or curtains/blinds?

1. What brands do you install?
2. Do you understand the problem we're trying to resolve? - It's imperative that the issue itself has been identified to find the best solution. There are window films that have been specially designed for certain issues be that privacy and security or heat and glare. Otherwise, we cannot find the right product for the best outcome.
3. How long does the window film/curtains/blinds last?
4. How much experience do you have in window film/curtains/blinds installation?
5. Are you insured?
6. Can you carry out a site audit/survey?
7. What is the process from enquiry to installation?
8. How long does the installation take?
9. Do your products have a warranty?
10. How long are quotations valid for?
11. For window films - Can the windows be cleaned when the film is applied? What is the aftercare process?
12. For window films - Will your product work on… Be sure to let the window company know what the glass type is e.g. float, laminated, toughened or polycarbonate; as some products may or may not be applicable. Polycarbonate, for example, limits the range of window films that can be applied. Information such as frame type, window condition, and double glazing are all essential facts that will need to be established during the survey.

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