What is the portability of my premium feed-in tariff (premium feed-in tariff granted for people that installed solar b/w 2009-2011)?

What is the portability of my premium feed-in tariff (premium feed-in tariff granted for people that installed solar b/w 2009-2011)?

Existing customers - Eligible properties with an effective PFIT contract will continue to receive this rate until 2024, provided they do not add extra solar panels to their system.

Switching electricity companies - You are able to switch electricity companies or contracts and continue to receive the PFIT once you have established your eligibility. Before switching, check if there are any exit fees under your existing contract.

Adding extra solar panels - You will become ineligible to continue receiving the premium rate if you add additional solar panels, boosting your generating capacity after scheme closure, even if the overall system size remains 5 kilowatts or under. This ensures the cost of the scheme for all Victorians does not increase.

If you would like to install additional panels or another form of renewable energy system and forfeit your premium rate you may instead be eligible to apply for the minimum feed-in tariff.

Replacing damaged panels - You can replace existing panels for maintenance reasons, for example, due to storm or fire damage, without losing the PFIT. You just need to make sure the replacement panels do not exceed the original generating capacity of your system. Net metering must continue.

Renovation/demolition of house - You can remove your solar panels due to renovations or the demolition of a house without forfeiting the PFIT but the system must remain at the same property.

Refer: https://www.energy.vic.gov.au/renewable-energy/victorian-feed-in-tariff/premium-feed-in-tariff/maintaining-eligibility-for-the-premium-feed-in-tariff

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