What is the Co-efficient of Performance (COP)?

What is the Co-efficient of Performance (COP)?

By definition, COP is the ratio of how much useful heat a device will produce if we give it certain energy input. Basically, it tells us how much heat we can generate with every watt of energy we pay.

You can find the COP score of a particular heat pump model on its specs sheet. COP can vary with temperature; the hotter the air, the more easily your pump can draw energy from it.

In addition, the way COP is measured and reported is not always consistent. That’s why currently, the best objective performance indicator is the number of STCs the system earns in your given climate zone. However, most hot water heat pumps’ COP scores do consistently remain at 3 or above (some can even go up to 5).

This means that for every unit of electricity a heat pump uses, the pump moves 3 or more energy units into the water. In contrast, typical electric-resistive systems take in as much energy as they produce, they usually score a COP of 1 or below. Thus, heat pumps are more than 3 times more efficient than electric-resistive heating systems.

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