What is sarking and how does it relate to insulation?

What is sarking and how does it relate to insulation?

  1. Sarking is a pliable membrane that sits under your roofing, like a protective second skin. It helps insulation work more efficiently and protects the things you value from storm driven rain and dust, condensation and bush fire ember attack.
  2. It helps reduce the amount of heat entering the roof space.

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    • Is insulation safe?

      Safe and secure insulation installation requires the expertise of trustworthy, well-qualified, and highly experienced professionals. Insulation must conform with fire safety standards.
    • Should insulation be compressed?

      No. When you compress insulation, the overall R-value goes down because you have less thickness of insulation. So, you don't get the full R-value on the label but the insulation will work to a certain extent if you compress it. 
    • Does insulation stop condensation?

      Although air barrier and vapor control layers can reduce the quantity and occurrence of condensation due to both mechanisms, the use of exterior insulation (even if that insulation is a vapor barrier and/or air barrier) can warm sensitive surfaces ...
    • How does insulation work?

      Insulation prevents heat loss by slowing down heat loss in winter and heat gains in summer in one (or both) of two ways: • Bulk Insulation (thick layers of dense materials that trap heat inside or outside your home) • Foil Insulation (reflective ...
    • Does insulation reduce noise?

      One perk of insulation is its soundproofing capability. If you’re looking for a quieter home, the best soundproofing insulative materials are glass wool, rock wool, and extruded or expandable polystyrene.  There are also batts specifically designed ...