What is a Green Power electricity plan?

What is a Green Power electricity plan?

Green Power is a government accredited scheme. When you sign up to GreenPower, your retailer buys renewable credits on your behalf. They are then used to support the development of new renewable generators in Australia. To make sure there’s no double counting of that renewable energy, your retailer must surrender the rights to the renewable energy to the Clean Energy Regulator. Buying GreenPower Accredited renewable energy means that it will cost a little more than standard grid electricity, or even carbon offsets. This is because your purchase supports the building of new renewable energy infrastructure for the grid. This support will then count for Australia's emission reduction plan. 

An estimate of the cost of GreenPower is around 4 to 8 cents per kWh on top of your current electricity rate.

This is different to signing up with a green electricity retailer. A green retailer will be working towards increasing the demand for green electricity, together with making Australia’s electricity system greener. GreenPeace has recently published their updated guide to green electricity retailers, ranked per State. The criteria used are:  where the electricity is sourced, whether they have a plan to opt-out of coal and fossil fuels and how they support the transition towards renewables. You can find more details here:  https://www.greenelectricityguide.org.au/ 

Here is a list of the top green energy retailers in Australia:

1. Enova Energy (social entreprise)

2. Diamond Energy (80% Australian)

3. Momentum Energy

4. Energy Locals

5. Aurora Energy 

If you are already with one of them, you can call them and ask them to put you on a green plan or a carbon neutral plan. This might slightly increase your energy tariff.

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