What factors make an RCAC more or less expensive?

What factors make an RCAC more or less expensive?

The type and size of your system
The energy efficiency of your system
The time you're operating the system for
The construction of your home (floor plan, level of insulation, size of windows, etc.)
The electricity tariff you're paying
The temperature you choose on the thermostat: each degree Celsius lower (cooler) you set it to in summer, and each degree higher (warmer) in winter, will increase the running costs by 10-15%. We know it's tempting to fight Mother Nature by blasting it, especially when you've just come in from outside feeling fried or frostbitten, but the best thing to do is to find the temperature you're just comfortable with – try 25 degrees in summer, and 20 degrees in winter.
Your draught proofing and insulation

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