What factors lead to the large variance in the price of HWHPs?

What factors lead to the large variance in the price of HWHPs?

There is a huge range of different hot water systems on the market. Durability, quality, features, warranties and options vary widely. This affects the price of any given system.
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    • Are HWHPs becoming cheaper?

      As technology continues to improve, gas rates increase, and renewable grid penetration bolsters the carbon benefit of electrification, HWHPs appear poised to take a massive leap in market growth.  With the heat pump incentives increasingly made ...
    • Who sets the FiT price?

      • FiT rates paid per kWh differ between states and electricity retailers.  • Some states set a minimum flat rate and other states don’t enforce FiTs at all, which means that retailers don’t have to pay. Fortunately, in these areas, many retailers ...
    • How large of a HWHP and tank do I need?

      To get the right sized tank: 1. Count the number of people in your household and consider the people who might join or leave your household soon.  2. Assume that each person will use around 50 litres of hot water per day. (Modify if someone prefers ...
    • What's the typical difference in price between a budget and premium inverter?

      The price difference between opting for a premium inverter (such as Fronius or SMA) versus a budget inverter is $700 to $1,000 per system. https://www.solarquotes.com.au/good-solar-guide/inverter-guide/
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      [SUBJECT TO MARKET CHANGE - CHECK W/ SUPPLIER EVERY 6 MONTHS] Solar hot water systems range in price from about $3000 to $7000 fully installed. Systems with a roof-mounted tank tend to be a bit less expensive than split systems, and electric-boosted ...