What concessions can be applied to my bill? (Victorian customers)

What concessions can be applied to my bill? (Victorian customers)

Annual Electricity Concession   

Applied to: Domestic mains electricity usage and service costs   

How Much? 17.5% of electricity usage and service costs. Does not apply to the fist $171.60 of annual bill.

Other Comments: If you have a very high electricity bill ($2890.45) you can apply for Excess Electricity Concession

Winter Gas Concession

Applied to: Winter period 1st May-31st October each year            

How much? 17.5% of gas usage and service costs. Does not apply to the fist $62.40 of the 6-months winter period bills          

Other Comments: If you are a high energy user ($1587.82) you can apply for Excess Gas Concession

Medical Cooling Concession

Applied to: 1st Nov to 30th April period. Besides concession card must have a medical condition: MS, lymphoedema, Parkinson’s, fibromyalgia, post-polio syndrome, motor neurone disease.

How much? 17.5% of electricity usage and service costs for the period given in addition to the annual electricity concession                                     

Other Comments: Must be a concession card holder even if the person has the medical condition. Person can apply for a concession if they have a different medical condition impedes the ability to self-regulate body temperature. Requires doctor’s approval

Life Support Concession

Applied to: Concession card holders, uses eligible life support machine or a member in the household on life support machine.

How much? Electricity discount is the cost of 1880 kWh of electricity each year and 168 kL for water use.

Other Comments: Eligible machines are: internment peritoneal dialysis, O2 concentrators, haemodialysis. Form can be signed by a GP

Controlled Load Electricity Concession

Applied to: Households with an eligible dual element electricity meter or dual element smart meter                                  

How much? 13% of controlled load electricity costs used for electric hot water or slab heating                                           

Other Comments: Retailer will automatically apply the concession if you have provided the concession details

Excess Electricity Concession

Applied to: Households with electricity usage and service costs above 2890.45 starting Dec 2018 (amount reviewed each year)                              

How much? 17.5% of usage and service costs calculated after retailer discounts and sola credits

Other Comments: Only 5% of households are expected to reach this cost. Retailer sends a form if the cost is reached

Excess Gas Concession

Applied to: Households with gas usage and service above $1587.82 for the 6-months winter period May-31 Oct 2019      

How much? 17.5% of has usage and service costs calculated after retailer discounts are deducted

Other Comments: Retailer send the form and the account holder only needs to sign and list a witness. Applications take 4 weeks to process. Any missed concessions will be credited to your account

Electric transfer fee waiver                                

Applied to: Account holders who have moved to a new house                     

How much? Entire fee                                         

Other Comments: Retailer automatically gives this concession

Service to property change

Applied to: For households with very low electricity use                                

How much? If the electricity use is lower than the service charge, the service charge is reduced to the cost of the electricity used (before solar credits are deducted)                                          

Other Comments: Retailer automatically gives you the concession

Non-mains Energy Concession

Applied to: Households not connected to main energy supply.   

How much? $51 for spending $100-$295.99; $156 for $296-$889.99; $259 for $890- $1479.99; $370 for $1480-$2112.99; $473 for $2113-$2702.99; $575 for over $2703.

Other Comments: A separate rebate is paid for each energy type used. For: LPG, firewood for cooking, heating or hot water, heating oil, generator fuel, electricity via embedded network. Special conditions apply for firewood and generator fuel.

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