What blinds are energy efficient?

What blinds are energy efficient?

Heavy drapes that have a thick outer material, have a lining, touch the floor, have no gaps around the edges and have pelmets, are the most energy efficient.

Honeycomb blinds (also known as cellular blinds) are an energy efficient option. These blinds are effective because each ‘honeycomb’ in the blind traps still air ((like insulation). Because air is such a good insulator, this means less heat escapes from your home in winter and less heat enters in summer. These blinds can also come with aluminium foil backing, making them a good option for keeping your home cool in summer and a block-out for privacy. There is also an option of collapsing to the bottom of the windowsill on particular models. They are less expensive than drapes but more expensive than other types unless you DIY (e.g. https://www.honeycombblinds.com.au/default.aspx). They can help reduce external noise. 

Other blinds that are less energy efficient include roman and roller blinds. They can be made more effective by minimising air gaps at the side & bottom and by installing pelmets at the top. 

Though venetian blinds and vertical venetians have become popular, they do very little to make your windows more energy efficient. They have too many air gaps and are made of thin materials. 

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