What areas of the house would need to be accessed?

What areas of the house would need to be accessed?

All areas which you wish to be assessed, the assessment will include a room-by-room inspection of your home by an energy professional. 
Being able to access all areas of your home will provide a more accurate assessment.

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    • How do you identify draughts in the house?

      Here are tips for finding draughts in the house: • Check for rattling or whistling around doors and windows. • Shut a door or window on a $5 note. If you can pull the note out without it dragging, you’re losing energy. • Feel for moving air around ...
    • Do I need to clean my house or do anything beforehand?

      It is a good idea to:  • Clear away any belongings to allow access into the crawl spaces, access hatches or attic space. Do the same for access to boilers, furnaces and water heaters.  • Make sure pets are tied up or confined to an area.  • Children ...
    • What size solar system do I need?

      - A 5kW system is a commonly installed residential system size in Australia. - The size you need will depend on: 1. The money you’re prepared to spend 2. The electricity your household uses 3. The size of your roof space
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      Certain types of insulation - like thermal breaks in a concrete slab - will need to be done during the construction of the house and can't be done thereafter. In general, retrofitting insulation to a slab floor is a difficult proposition (if it's ...
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