Solar pool heating

Solar pool heating

Solar pool heating is a relatively new technology that has a lot of advantages in sunny Aus. It uses very little energy, making it one of the most economical, renewable and low maintenance pool heating options available.

Solar pool heating is similar to a solar hot water system - an entirely separate, self-sufficient system with its own panels. If your house is not a big electricity consumer, does not have solar panels installed but has a pool, then solar pool heating is a great option. If your house is a big electricity consumer, then it would be preferable to use your roof space for laying out solar panels and use them to power multiple appliances. In this case heat pump pool heating may be a better option.

How does it work?
The cool water in your pool is pumped up to the roof, where it is heated by the sun’s thermal energy. The water is then returned to your pool at a warmer temperature. Once your solar pool heater is installed, the sun heats your water for free, drastically reducing potential heating costs. No additional power use when installed in conjunction with an existing filter pump.
Life expectancy of 20 to 30 years.

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