getting off grid or getting an hybrid system

Should I go off grid or get an hybrid system?

If you are interested in going off-grid to have more control over your energy, this would mean disconnecting from your energy supplier fully; "cutting the cables". 
You can do so by: 
1. Getting a solar system large enough to cover your energy needs in summer and winter. 
2. Purchasing batteries/ a battery that can work off grid and has a big enough capacity to cover your energy needs when your panels are not producing. You will also need to replace your batteries every 5-12 years. 
3. Purchasing a charge controller 
Going off grid also means that you might run out of electricity from time to time (for example when it is raining for a few days and your solar PV hasn't been able to produce enough energy to cover your needs). An off-grid system starts at around $25k and can go up to $50k depending on your needs.

The other option would be to opt for an hybrid solar system. They cost around $20,000 battery included and will cover most of your energy bills when the panels are producing. 

In your case, our recommendations would be: 
1. Installing a solar system. 
2. Getting off gas (ex: by replacing your gas hot water with a hot water heat pump and getting an induction stove.) This will cut down your gas bills and will fully optimise your solar panels. 
3. Investigating getting a battery. At the moment batteries are not that economically worth it but can make sense for other reasons. Good battery brands include Tesla 2, LG-Chem, Enphase, Sonnen ... 

How can we help? 
- Feel free to send us your energy bills so we can provide you with a solar system size estimate. If you'd like to share your home address with us we can also see how much solar panels can be installed on your roof and how much energy can it produce. (This will remain confidential.)
- We can connect you with our vetted solar suppliers for obligation-free quotes
- You can download the free guide on Hot Water Heat Pumps if you are interested in switching off gas to an energy efficient appliance.