Pool pump - speed controller, efficiency

Pool pump - speed controller, efficiency

Swimming pool pumps should have two speeds for the circulation system to work as it is designed, however standard A/C pumps only have one speed “Full Speed”. The standard 'full speed' is required for backwashing or cleaning of the filtration system but is unnecessary for normal water filtration, which represents the bulk of the time your pool pump is needed. 

Adding on a speed controller can turn any standard pump into an energy efficient multi speed pump. This reduces the electricity required to operate the pump by up to 75% without compromising filtration or water quality. 

On average
3 stars model : 824 kWh/ year 
8 stars model : 346 kWh/year 

  1. Controlling motor speed reduces electricity cost of running the pump by 60% – 75%
  2. Optimising motor speed gives significant reduction in noise
  3. Reduces your CO2 Emissions

At present, pool pumps have a voluntary energy rating label program but from 1 October, 2022, the efficiency of the pool pumps sold in Australia has to be declared. From this date, pumps that do not meet the new minimum energy performance standard will not be allowed to be sold or supplied in Australia.

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