My electricity bills are very high, what can I do?

My electricity bills are very high, what can I do?

Here are seven easy ways to save energy while keeping you and your family connected, comfortable, and entertained:

1. Heating/Cooling - Heat with Your Home with an energy efficient reverse cycle split system Air Conditioner, Set Your Heater To 18-20℃ and use Electric Blankets and electric throw rugs. 

2. Hot Water - Take Showers Instead of Baths, take 4-6 Minute Showers, Wash Laundry in Cold Water, use a hot water heat pump system for energy efficient hot water heating.

3. Energy Bill Comparison - Compare your energy bills quickly and easily at the federal government website Energy Made Easy. If you haven’t switched your plan for a while, you could end up saving quite a bit. Victoria Residents: use Victorian Energy Compare and get $50 just for comparing. New South Wales Residents: use Compare Electricity Providers | Energy Switch | Service NSW

4. Window Curtains - Keep heat from escaping through your windows with some heavy curtains and pelmets, otherwise use secondary glazing, e.g. bubble wrap.

5. Electronics - Use A Laptop Instead of a Desktop Computer, Turn Off “Energy Vampires” at the power point to avoid standby power use.

6. Fridge/Freezer - Cool At the Right Temperature by setting your refrigerator to 3°- 4°, and your freezer to -15° to -18° and use Smaller Appliances as the smaller the kitchen appliance, the less energy it uses (and the less you have to pay in energy bills).

7. Solar Research - investigate your options for solar and battery storage. Going solar will lower your energy bills permanently and has a short payback period of 3-5 years, with multiple financing options.