Is insulation worth it?

Is insulation worth it?

Compared to the same home without insulation, a properly insulated home will result in:
70% less energy needed for heating and cooling (and thus a decreased carbon footprint) 
40-50% reduction of average annual heating + cooling costs
Up to 10 degrees cooler home in summer – without air conditioning
Warmer, cosier home in winter – without extra heating bills
Full payback in 5-6 years 
Improved respiratory health

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    • Can vermin or mould affect my insulation?

      Insulation access by vermin needs to be considered. Check for vermin signs if it is suspected they are present. Most batts will not be effected but blown-in insulation could be damaged reducing its effectiveness.  Unfortunately, mould can grow almost ...
    • How do I know if I need insulation?

      There’s an 80% chance that your insulation is not adequate. Unfortunately, effective insulation is very unlikely in Australian homes. To determine if your home needs more insulation, ask these questions: Was My Home Built Before 2000? - 80-90% of ...
    • What is the minimum amount/thickness of insulation I can get away with?

      In each climate zone, the Building Code of Australia has determined a minimum amount of needed insulation expressed in R-value (the efficiency of a material at stopping heat flow through it.) This should be the minimum you use. For the sake of your ...
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      Double Glazing is a long-term solution and it can be a favoured option for those restoring a ‘forever’ home or looking to really invest in their property. For those who live in areas, which see very low temperatures in Winter, Double Glazing can also ...
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      Safe and secure insulation installation requires the expertise of trustworthy, well-qualified, and highly experienced professionals. Insulation must conform with fire safety standards.