I’m moving house, can I take my HWHP with me?

I’m moving house, can I take my HWHP with me?

This will be expensive and time consuming. If you are selling the home, it may not be legally possible. Relocating a HWHP requires extensive and complex technical work. Therefore, it is recommended to enlist the help of a professional while undertaking the process if you decide to do this.

The below are steps that need to be taken:

Removing the Refrigerant - After checking the operation of your system in its current location, the first step to relocating your heat pump involves pumping out all the refrigerant in the system. This process should be carried out by a qualified professional.

Adjusting the Pipework - Once the system has been pumped down, the tank and heat pump unit need to be safely disconnected and made electrically safe. Units will need to be stored safely whilst not in use away from moisture, dust and contaminants. Depending on whether the tank and heat pump units are being relocated in the same position after renovations or require relocation, you may need to shorten or extend the pipework and electrical cables to suit.

Completion - Once the system is ready to be re-connected, the heat pump will need to be re-filled with refrigerant gas. It will then be electrically livened and tested with an electrical safety certificate being completed.