I have shading on my roof, what system should I buy?

I have shading on my roof, what system should I buy?

- Consider a solar system with microinverters or DC optimisers, both of which optimize energy production even with a slightly shaded roof.
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    • The business case for a home to install solar / What size solar do I need?

      We advise people to install a system that’ll generate at least ½ your Winter daily usage. If you can install a larger system, that will probably be beneficial (depending on your energy use), and you will be more likely to still receive a feed-in ...
    • Will the system affect my existing roof?

      • Tile Roofs - No roof tiles are broken during a solar installation. To support the panels, installers remove the tiles, install brackets to the rafters, and then re-install the tiles in their original state. • Metal Roofs - To ensure that your solar ...
    • Should I buy a second-hand solar system?

      - It is recommended not to buy a used solar system. - The only way it would make sense to use second hand solar panels is if you were paid to.  Because the “solar rebate1” which lowers the cost of rooftop solar by providing Small-scale Technology ...
    • How much space on a roof would an average sized system require?

      - A 5kW system (a commonly installed residential system size in Australia) contains 15-20 panels and requires approximately 25-35 m2 of roof area.  - If you don’t have this roof space available, you can still benefit from a smaller system.
    • Why does shading affect all the panels in a string system?

      • As the panels are all connected to the same inverter, any issue that causes one panel to produce less electricity (such as shading) will reduce electricity for all other panels on that string. • every panel in a string is only able to operate at ...