I have insulation in my house, how do I know if it is doing its job or needs replacing?

I have insulation in my house, how do I know if it is doing its job or needs replacing?

Ceiling - Obtain a ruler and go through the manhole of your ceiling to look at the ceiling insulation. Even if your insulation looks tidy, look carefully for small gaps and disturbed insulation that looks out of position.

Signs that you need more ceiling insulation include:
Gaps in insulation
Insulation not pushed right out to the top plates of the external walls
Insulation not lofted above ceiling joists by 50mm or more

Wall - You can check wall insulation in several ways:
Remove roof tiles over the external wall cavity and look inside the cavity
Climb under a brick veneer house (if not on a concrete slab) and look up the cavity
Have your electrician remove a power point or light switch on 1-2 outer walls so you can see inside the cavity.
Have an insulation professional use a thermal imaging camera
If your house is pre-2000, be prepared for the likelihood that it has no wall insulation at all.

Floor - Put your head under the floor through the manhole entrance and look for insulation. If your head can’t fit under the house, you can’t insulate it anyway, so don’t worry.

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