I depend on Life Support Equipment?

I depend on Life Support Equipment?

If you or someone in your household uses life support equipment, you may be eligible for protection under the life support energy regulations. This means your address is registered with your local network and they will advise you in advance of any electricity outages so you can plan accordingly.

It also means in the event of a power outage your property will be on the priority list for reconnection of supply.

What is classed as life support equipment?  
  1. An oxygen concentrator
  1. An intermittent peritoneal dialysis machine
  1. A kidney dialysis machine
  1. A chronic positive airways pressure respirator
  1. Crigler najjar syndrome phototherapy equipment
  1. A ventilator for life support
  1. Any other equipment that a doctor says you or someone residing in your home needs for life support.
Important: Life support registration is not transferable between retailers or distributors. However, if the distributor is the registration process owner and becomes aware the customer has changed retailer it must notify the new retailer of the need for life support equipment at the customer’s premises.


Talk to the person not the equipment. "Do you or anyone in your home depend on life-support equipment?" is better than the dehumanising phrase of "Are you a life-support customer?"

Defining people by their disability is often used as an excuse to ignore our humanity – to put us in a separate and lesser category so that non-disabled people don’t have to think about the wants, needs, rights or feelings of people with disability.