How will I know if the draught proofing has made a difference?

How will I know if the draught proofing has made a difference?

You can check by wetting the back of your hand (or using an incense stick) and passing it over the area where you suspect a draught was, there would be a noticeable difference in temperature if a draught is felt (or no movement of incense smoke). 

You should also see a difference in your energy usage over time.

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    • As a renter, how can I draught-proof my home?

      » Blocking gaps and cracks around windows, doors, skirting boards and floorboards is usually the most cost-effective measure you can take to make your home more comfortable and can reduce heat loss by 15-25%. » It is best to seek landlord approval ...
    • Does draught proofing make much of a difference?

      Yes! The government initiative, Your Energy Savings, states that weather sealing or draught proofing your home can help you save 25 percent on your household bills and ensure you are more comfortable no matter the weather. 
    • Does a professional provide a report on the draught proofing installed?

      Yes, most professional draught proofing contactors will provide a report.
    • Is there any maintenance of draught proofing required?

      • You can physically check the seals to make sure they are intact and working. • You should regularly perform the below test to check if your draught proofing needs any maintenance, draught proofing may need to be replaced every few years therefore ...
    • Is draught proofing worth it?

      Yes - Not only will weather proofing make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but there are several other surprising benefits of weather proofing too: • Stops insects from entering your home • Reduces traffic noise  • Stops windows ...