How to compare energy plans in Tasmania

How to compare energy plans in Tasmania

Despite the lack of competition in the Tasmanian energy market, there are a number of things to look out for when finding the plan that's right for you. This includes:

  • Cost. It's relatively easy to compare prices in Tasmania because there are only a few options. When considering cost, remember to look at discounts, connection fees and transaction fees for certain types of payments.
  • Solar. Neither Aurora Energy nor 1st Energy offers solar installation so if you are interested in getting solar panels you'll have to arrange installation before signing up.
  • Bundling. If you need electricity and gas and want to get both services from the same provider, Aurora Energy is your only option.
  • Businesses. If you are signing up for energy for your business you'll have a few additional retailers to choose from. ERM Business Energy and Flow Power offer tailored business plans.

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