How much could it save me in electricity/ heating/cooling bills?

How much could it save me in electricity/ heating/cooling bills?

All three types of insulation (ceiling, wall floor) lower heating and cooling bills by up to 40-50% so on average they pay for themselves within 5-6 years of installation.
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    • How much could it save me in heating/cooling bills?

      The government initiative, Your Energy Savings, states that weather sealing or draught proofing your home can help you save 25 percent on your household bills and ensure you are more comfortable no matter the weather.
    • What rebates are available for heating and cooling in Victoria?

      The Victorian Government will provide 250,000 rebates to help households install energy-efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners to replace their old gas, electric and wood-fire heater or where there is no heating system.   Under the program, ...
    • What concessions can be applied to my bill? (Victorian customers)

      Annual Electricity Concession    Applied to: Domestic mains electricity usage and service costs    How Much? 17.5% of electricity usage and service costs. Does not apply to the fist $171.60 of annual bill. Other Comments: If you have a very high ...
    • How much is the ActewAGL Heating and cooling upgrade program rebate worth?

      Upgrading to a reverse-cycle heating and cooling unit from a flued gas heater can save you money in three ways: 1. $1000* off the cost and installation of your new unit. 2. A rebate of $125 on your quarterly electricity bill for two years* 3. Ongoing ...
    • My electricity bills are very high, what can I do?

      Here are seven easy ways to save energy while keeping you and your family connected, comfortable, and entertained: 1. Heating/Cooling - Heat with Your Home with an energy efficient reverse cycle split system Air Conditioner, Set Your Heater To 18-20℃ ...