How long is the payback period on the HWHP?

How long is the payback period on the HWHP?

5 – 10 years
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    • How long is the payback period for the Solar Victoria interest-free loan?

      • Interest-free loans must be paid within a four-year period, or sooner if you choose to do so.
    • What is the payback period on LEDs?

      The upfront cost of LEDs generally has a payback time of less than 1 year.  Often existing Halogen downlights can be replaced for free with LED downlights under state government rebate programs.
    • Does battery storage pay for itself? What is the payback period?

      • A typical home will recoup the initial investment in approximately 10 years. This is close to the warrantied life of batteries which is 10 years.   • If you’re able to access a battery rebate, this payback period may be shorter
    • How long do HWHP take to replace hot water?

      It’s unlikely that you’ll find yourself without hot water. Still, to be on the safe side, choose a unit that has a fast rate of recovery. If members of your family enjoy taking long, leisurely hot showers daily, it will quickly reheat the water in ...
    • How long does a HWHP take to recover

      Rinnai ran a model in which 250 litres of water is drawn off from the tank between 8am and 9am in the morning.  The table below shows how long it takes the system to recover and how much electricity it uses.   Month Average time to recover (hours) ...