How large of a HWHP and tank do I need?

How large of a HWHP and tank do I need?

To get the right sized tank:
1. Count the number of people in your household and consider the people who might join or leave your household soon. 
2. Assume that each person will use around 50 litres of hot water per day. (Modify if someone prefers cold showers or very long, very hot ones). 
3. Require that your hot water tank keeps 1.5 days’ capacity at all times. 
4. Thus, multiply the number of people by 75. 

Even then, most heat pumps can cope with larger households because they have a timer which can be set to when you want the HWHP to turn on. Also, most HWHPs have a “Boost” button. It is not recommended to connect the HWHP to a dedicated off-peak electricity rate for larger households. 

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    • My HWHP or tank is leaking, what should I do?

      The HWHP has a drain pipe that occasionally releases water. But for all other apparent leaks, call your service provider as it is likely the system needs repairing or replacing.
    • Do my pipes need to be retrofitted when putting in a HWHP?

      Existing pipes connecting to a new HWHP will need to match the plumbing regulations of the day. A qualified plumber can give you this advice on location or when giving you a quote. 
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