How have air conditioners improved over time?

How have air conditioners improved over time?

Manufacturers have drastically improved their air conditioner models’ efficiency and environmental impact:

Unlike its bleach-including predecessors, the current refrigerator coolants dont’ harm the ozone layer
Inverter-driven motors are 50% more efficient than the previous motor type
Automatic & WiFi-connected systems put control in your hands (literally), reducing cost without compromising comfort & convenience
New materials and designs have maximised air conditioner efficiency

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      Using electrically powered heating/cooling options, such as reverse cycle air conditioning, means you can heat or cool your home with renewable power. Whatever source your renewable power comes from, it’s a better choice for the environment.
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      This will depend on the type of air conditioner you buy and what your bills were before. Thousands of Aussies are indeed saving hundreds per year (and thousands over the life of their systems) by installing energy-efficient air conditioners.