How does the energy market work in Tasmania?

How does the energy market work in Tasmania?

Tasmania has a limited range of retail energy providers compared to some other states. While the government introduced full retail competition to its energy market in 2014, there are still only a few options when it comes to electricity and gas.

Hydro Tasmania is the main energy generator in the state while TasNetworks is the main electricity distributor.

Despite the energy market opening in 2014, Tasmania only has two electricity retailers: Aurora Energy and 1st Energy. Aurora Energy is a government-owned retailer and was the sole provider of energy in Tasmania until 1st Energy entered the market in February 2019.

There are also two choices for gas in Tasmania: Aurora Energy and TasGas. TasGas operates Tas Gas Networks, which is the only distributor of gas currently operating in Tasmania.

Business customers have more options with additional business-only energy retailers: ERM Business Energy and Flow Power.

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