How do window films work?

How do window films work?

Window films are a solution for improving the energy-efficiency of windows, particularly if you’d like to keep your views uninterrupted.

Depending on the film you choose, window films can be designed for year-round use (retaining heat in winter and blocking heat in summer) or just summertime use.

Films that are designed for year-round use can prevent up to 50% of heat from escaping in winter, which is comparable to double glazing.

But unlike double glazing, window film can reflect and absorb the heat that hits your windows in summer. This significantly reduces the amount of heat that gets transmitted into your home. Year-round films can reduce the amount of summer radiant heat that enters your home by 50%, while summer only films can block up to 85% of the sun’s heat. 

Summer only films will reduce winter sun from entering your home which could be significant in winter when extra sun is needed to help heat the home. 

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