How can I minimise standby usage?

How can I minimise standby usage?

Switch off at the wall – this is a behaviour change and may take some getting used to. When you’ve done a load of washing, turn the machine off at the wall. Or, at the end of the day, go around and turn off home entertainment systems and home office equipment at the wall. If an appliance is switched off at the wall, its standby power consumption is zero.

Invest in standby power controllers – these are powerboards that do the work of reducing standby power consumption for you (in other words, they figuratively ‘flick the switch’ at the wall for you). The common one is a ‘master and slave’ powerboard – say you shutdown a computer (the master), then it switches off all attached devices like printers or hard drives (the slaves).

Shop smart for new appliances – when it’s time to upgrade a household appliance, don’t just look at its energy rating when in use. Find out about its standby energy score, too.

Use smart home devices – there are heaps of home automation tools on the market today that help your home run as efficiently as possible. When it comes to standby power, set up a timer system that switches off devices at certain times of the day; or an intelligent ‘off’ switch if there’s no activity after a certain time period. 

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