Enviroflex Insulation Supplier

Enviroflex Insulation Supplier

Enviroflex is the preferred AEF supplier of ceiling, wall and floor insulation to homes in Victoria. https://enviroflex.com.au/

Contact procedure

* Customer contacted to arrange an onsite inspection (we have three team members that complete these)
* Specialists attends site on agreed date - discuss clients initial enquiry then we do a check of the home (ceiling, wall and underfloor insulation). Recommendations are given to the customer based on the conversation
* Quote sent to customer (1-2 days after site inspection)

If customer wants to go ahead:
* Scheduling team to contact and arrange install date 
* Install to take place
* Invoice sent to customer after the install has been completed
If we don't hear from the customer after sending quote:
* A follow up call/email is made with the customer to check if 1) they received the quote and 2) if there was anything they wanted to discuss


Enviroflex have these products:
  1. Insulation batts
  2. Blow-in insulation
  3. Reflective foils
  4. Wall wraps
  5. Acoustic insulation
They can retrofit cavity walls with insulation. Knauf "Superfil CarbonPlus" blow-in material is used. It is an unbonded, non-combustible glasswool product. (See wall insulation)


While the exact cost of retrofit insulation depends on the size and construction of your home (in addition to the insulation material used) these are average retrofit insulation estimates for a typical Australian 120 sq. meter home:
Ceiling insulation: $1600 to $4000
Wall insulation: $3000 to $7000
Floor insulation: $2600 to $3500

Regional areas may be charged travel costs. 

Below is a table of current costs, including installation, from Enviroflex as at Feb '22. Note: the prices are ex-GST. Please do not quote exact prices - this is just an example of the general "ball-park" prices clients might expect to pay. Regional areas may be charged travel costs. 
  1. As an example, a typical 3 bedroom home is around 120 m2 so multiply the pricing by 120 for this size home and multiply again by 1.2 for GST. 
  2. If the resident buys their own insulation, they can expect to pay about $5 per m2 to have it installed. 
  3. You may pay extra for a quote and if you need an electrical risk assessment of the wiring. 
Example of Insulation Pricing Feb '22