Do I need to maintain an air conditioner?

Do I need to maintain an air conditioner?

Maintain Regularly - using the maintenance schedule contained in your air conditioner’s manual. This will head off many energy-sapping or expensive-to-fix issues before they even begin. Also, the below items will help maintain the air conditioner:
Clean the Filter 
Only Heat or Cool Occupied Areas
Keep Doors & Windows Closed
Shade Outdoor Unit
Set temperature wisely
Use Fans

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    • What is a solar air conditioner?

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    • How do I find an energy efficient air conditioner?

      Energy Efficiency Star Ratings - This is by far the most important aspect of your new air conditioner; the more efficient it is, the lower your electricity bill and the more you save. Look for 5+ stars and an EER of 4 or above.
    • Will my electricity bills savings be enough to offset the air conditioner’s purchase price?

      This will depend on the type of air conditioner you buy and what your bills were before. Thousands of Aussies are indeed saving hundreds per year (and thousands over the life of their systems) by installing energy-efficient air conditioners. 
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