DIY or professional?

DIY or professional?

If you’re confident in your DIY abilities, installing weather proofing yourself is possible. Most weather proofing products can be purchased in your local hardware store.

But getting a professional to inspect your home has several advantages. They can identify exactly where you have draughts in your home, particularly important for the ones that are hard to find. They will also recommend quality products that will last longer and will maintain your home’s aesthetics.

They of course can also install the products on your behalf, saving you the hassle.

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    • DIY or hire a professional?

      Professional. It’s tempting to save on installation costs by doing it yourself, but in most cases the electricity dangers far outweigh the possible savings: Downlights and other electrical items pose multiple hazards. To prevent future overheating ...
    • Where can I find professional advice on DIY draught proofing?

      AEF can link you with a draught proofing professional. It is best to get an Assessment done which is a front door to back, room by room analysis. This takes several hours, assessment provides detailed info of issues and estimated price, broken down ...
    • Can someone identify the draughts for me and then can I DIY?

      Yes, you can get a professional Assessment for $225 (discount from $300 normal price) which includes a free insulation assessment/quote for ceiling and underfloor.  The assessment is front door to back, room by room analysis. Takes several hours and ...
    • Does a professional provide a report on the draught proofing installed?

      Yes, most professional draught proofing contactors will provide a report.
    • Can I DIY install window film?

      Films should be fitted by a professional. While skilled DIYers can install it themselves it should be noted that fitting films cleanly with a professional result takes practice—getting it wrong can result in bubbles, trapped dirt and even glass ...