Can vermin or mould affect my insulation?

Can vermin or mould affect my insulation?

Insulation access by vermin needs to be considered. Check for vermin signs if it is suspected they are present. Most batts will not be effected but blown-in insulation could be damaged reducing its effectiveness. 

Unfortunately, mould can grow almost anywhere in the presence of moisture and mould spores, including your home insulation material. Preventing mould growth is very important as once you have mould, it becomes a much bigger task to clean up and stop its spread

Firstly, ensure that your insulation is never wet or moist. If you find that it is, address the cause of any moisture or water leaks before replacing and installing new home insulation. It is very important to keep your insulation dry and ventilated as this will minimize the risk of mould growth. It’s also worth taking the time to maintain the outside area of your home to prevent water seeping into your home.

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