Can I time my RCAC to function at specific times during the day?

Can I time my RCAC to function at specific times during the day?

Yes, It can be set on a timer (i.e., to heat your home before you get up and/or before you come home from work)
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    • Does my RCAC lose efficiency over time?

      It is estimated the RCAC will lose 5% efficiency if not maintained well. Telltale signs are: • Temperature inconsistent with setting • Diminished air flow • Emitting strange noises or smells • Leaking or producing excess moisture • Short cycling • ...
    • Is there a recommended amount of time I should keep my RCAC on?

      This will depend on where you live, temperatures and how long you are at home. It is best to just use your RCAC in the rooms you are in and then turn it off when you leave the rooms.
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