As a renter, how can I draught-proof my home?

As a renter, how can I draught-proof my home?

» Blocking gaps and cracks around windows, doors, skirting boards and floorboards is usually the most cost-effective measure you can take to make your home more comfortable and can reduce heat loss by 15-25%.
» It is best to seek landlord approval before undertaking any caulking on internal and external windows, doors and cracks, as it can’t be removed easily.  You could also suggest they get a quote for insulating the property as this will increase the value of the home and they may be eligible for rebates (although, not currently - check here for updates:

» A flexible gap sealant (such as No-more-gaps) is a simple, low profile option for most      minor gaps around windows and floorboards

» Gap-filler rod, door snakes, and weather-stripping tape are cheap materials that you      can easily install to stop draughts around doors and windows. If necessary, filler rods      and tape can later be removed carefully without damaging surfaces.
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    • What does draught proofing mean?

      Draught proofing is finding and fixing draughts to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Draughts are like ventilation, in that both let fresh air into your home. Good ventilation helps reduce condensation and damp and can help cool ...
    • Which doors should I draught proof?

      Air most often leaks into the house through the bottom of outside doors. A cheap solution would be to put a rolled-up towel along the bottom of the door or to buy a door snake. But for a more permanent solution, install a plastic or metal door seal ...
    • How do I draught proof my windows?

      The same weather stripping used for doors can also be applied between the sash and frame of windows. Again, more expensive but more permanent solutions exist, refer Gaps around the edges of the window ...
    • Does draught proofing make much of a difference?

      Yes! The government initiative, Your Energy Savings, states that weather sealing or draught proofing your home can help you save 25 percent on your household bills and ensure you are more comfortable no matter the weather. 
    • Is draught proofing worth it?

      Yes - Not only will weather proofing make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but there are several other surprising benefits of weather proofing too: • Stops insects from entering your home • Reduces traffic noise  • Stops windows ...